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Welcome to Robert Dale MD Aesthetics, where our ethos is to strike the perfect balance between science, art, anatomy and aesthetics to help enhance your own unique, natural beauty.


Dr. Dale is a Canadian-trained physician who has always strived to achieve excellence in any field he pursues, whether that be medicine, sailing on the Canadian National Team, technical scuba diving with GUE, photography and film making or his latest endeavor of learning the guitar.


Both scientific and artistic endeavours have always played an integral role in Dr. Dale's life. In pursuing aesthetic medicine he has been able to use these balanced strengths to help patients achieve effective, beautiful, and natural results.


Dr. Dale completed his medical training in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at the University of British Columbia. With 2 years of surgical training in addition to his Family Medicine Residency and a career as a Cardiac Surgical Assist at Royal Columbian Hospital you can be rest assured that with Dr. Dale, you’re in good, well-practiced hands.

Dr. Dale is a member in good standing of the Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics and the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine.

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